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a personal journey to natural theology

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Table of contents

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page 1: Birth

The only way into life is birth and growth. Everything that is born dies. The cycle of birth and death is of all things in life the most certain. Although each of us finds her or his own birth and death the most momentous events of all, birth and death are common to all structures, from the smallest particle to (perhaps) the visible universe itself.


page 2: Death

The strongest selling point of Christianity is that it denies the reality of death. The spiritual element of the human soul is held to be eternal and incorruptible. Is this hypothesis based on reality or fantasy? The nature of the universe does not rule out eternal (or at least greatly extended) life, but given the current state of human technology, death is both inevitable and final. In time, this situation may change.

page x: Matter and Spirit

Western cultural tradition distinguishes sharply between matter and spirit, holding that matter is incapable of the spiritual function of knowledge and love. These traditions place the divine source of spirit outside the visible world. Not here. The transfinite communication network model at the heart of this project suggests a more Eastern view. It shows how matter and spirit might be linked in a spectrum running from simple ('material') to complex ('spiritual')

page y: Security

Life is a risky business. Although death is certain, the time and manner of death is not, and there are myriad dangers to be circumvented in daily life. All these possibilities of error, disease or evil beget insecurity and tension. The theory of communication shows us how to reduce risk by more secure communication. The recipe, in general, is that more complex coding and greater bandwidth both help to reduce error; that is one increases security by moving toward the spiritual end of the spectrum.

page z: Community

Complex systems form by uniting simpler subsystems. There is strength and safety in numbers can be realized as long as there is cooperation. Cooperation makes community, a most powerful force for survival. The chances of human survival maximized if we can unite into a global community.



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