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Religion and Survival

World Youth week is over. The Pope has gone home. The RTA can stop plugging religion and get back to directing traffic. WYD 2008, Pope Benedict XVI - Wikipedia

One cannot dispute that the Papal visit was a magnificent display of the spin doctor's art. The young and vulnerable were targeted with smoke and mirrors. Joy and laughter abounded. Serious issues were minimized. Public relations - Wikipedia

Catholics believe in miracles and magic. Benedict indicated that our own blessed Mary McKillop will be sainted as soon as another miracle is 'authenticated'. I think that ultimately, miracles are the only evidence that the Church is really connected to God. In our quantum mechanical world anything can happen, so that miracles are not so much miraculous as natural. Miracle - Catholic Encyclopedia

The climax of Benedict's visit was a celebration of the mass. TheCatholic mass is a dramatic re-enactment of the 'Last Supper' (Matthew 26:26 sqq). To be a Catholic, one must sincerely believe that the words 'this is my body' spoken by a duly consecrated priest really change bread into the body of Jesus. John Paul II

How can this be? It is said to be a mystery, a miracle, magic wrought by God to demonstrate the truth of His Church.

* * *

When it comes to making decisions that constrain our future we need all the help we can get. Once we start looking there is no shortage of information. But much of it is contradictory, so we must decide who to trust. In this way, faith enters human life and guides our fate.

Can I trust the Pope? Can I trust an institution that demands that I ignore the evidence of death and assert the reality eternal life in another invisible world? An institution that claims my ancestors disobeyed God and so defected the whole universe?

As I see it, the fundamental error of the Roman Catholic Church is denial of human experience. It surrounds itself with secrecy and mystery while claiming be infallibly trustworthy. It demands belief without evidence. We are being asked to live with our eyes closed.

Disaster is inevitable. The Church is nowhere more evidently wrong than is the area of gender, sexuality and reproduction. Kalbian

First of course, women are of no account. Women may be used but not heard. With the Church as it is, we will never see a woman become pope, let alone a woman priest or bishop. Campaign for the ordination of women in the Roman Catholic Church

Secondly, the Church extols celibacy to the exclusion of normal sexuality. Only the nominally celibate have access to the levers of power. The error of this position is very evident in the public sexual crimes of the Catholic clergy. The error is compounded by attempted cover ups. Pius XII - Sacra Virginitas, Catholic sex abuse cases - Wikipedia

Finally, having no official experience of sexuality, the Church maintains that any sensual or sexual activity outside marriage is sinful. Sex within marriage is ok, as long as no steps are taken to prevent conception. Sexual fun and games are out. Pius XII - Casti Conubii

Such deep misunderstanding can only be possible in an institution blind the reality of humanity. They say that the Fall defected human nature, but there is no evidence for the Fall. Decree Concerning Original Sin

* * *

So what are we to do about this Church? Ignore it? Oppose it? Outlaw it? Make out, as our governments have done, that it is a benign organization, entitled to propagandize our youth under the rubric of religious freedom?

A thousand years ago, the Church ruled Europe in a very concrete way. It lay at the heart of political, military and industrial power. The Popes were potentates who expected the allegiance of princes and their armies. They used the secular arm to execute non-believers. Catholic monasteries were at the centre of industrial power. Church and state in medieval Europe - Wikipedia

Fortunately, this grip was loosened by the likes of Martin Luther, Henry VIII, Galileo and the millions of others who saw themselves as better than sinful inhabitants of a defective world. Martin Luther - Wikipedia, Henry VIII of England - Wikipedia, Albert van Helden

Loosened, but not broken. Fundamentalism still roams the world. George Bush believes that he was on a mission from God when he invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Fundamentalism - Wikipedia, BBC

Our freedom and survival depend on our respect for reality. Our grip on reality is mediated by evidence. On the other hand, there can be no doubt that our collective behaviour is deeply influenced by religion. World Youth day is evidence of that. We must therefore work to replace mystery, miracles and magic with evidence based religion.

The truth is not hidden. The world is not a puppet worked by an invisible God. Reality is here for all to see. I trust the world. Bread is bread, and I am perfectly happy with that.

(Written for ABC Perspective. Broadcast 31 July 2008. ABC, Jeffrey Nicholls

(Revised 2 December 2008)


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