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a personal journey to natural theology

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This site documents a leap into the dark.

The leap became necessary for me because I could not stay where I was in the Roman Catholic Church.

This history section documents both my motive for taking off and my search for a good launching pad.

Some of it is repetitive, and I have changed my mind about a few things, but I hope you will be able to empathise with my position, as I have recorded it, and so see more clearly what I am looking for.

I have chosen a rather arbitrary date, Easter 1997, to mark the divide between the history of this site and its current development. The process in my mind and life is, of course, continuous. That date really marks when I began writing with the intention of publishing on the web.

It was then that I realised that I could easily expand my search for listeners and collaborators worldwide using the net.

I have recently added links to many of the books that steered me on my journey. Eventually I hope to further enrich this section with journal articles, links to similar sites and some of the notes I have written on the way.


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