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a personal journey to natural theology

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What is theology?

I. The Christian starting point

Literally, theology means talk about god. Aquinas and his contemporaries believed that God was an invisible entity distinct from the world . This God is the creator and sustainer and judge of the world. In this theology, characteristic of the Christian Churches, the fundamental source of information about God is the Bible, The Bible is a collection of books selected by the founding fathers of Christianity to define the history and self image of the Christianity

From a scientific point of view, Christianity takes the Bible as its data, and professes a theology which is held to give meaning and wholeness to these data. The Bible is interpreted as a history of salvation, beginning with the creation of the world, continuing through God's chosen people, the writers of the Old Testament, into the New testament which explains how God became man and was murdered to expiate the sin s of humanity.

For Christianity, theology must be the study of the Bible because it is assumed that there is no other source of information about God. This is because God is naturally invisible to us and reveals himself only when he chooses. Christian people and institutions see themselves as the chosen custodians of this revelation of God.

II. The scientific option



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