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vol 6: Essays



This seems to be the mode of our life, that we move toward the future by beating around the bush, guided to some extent by past experience, looking for some secure and useful step forward. In many cases, forward means away from some difficulty.

An essay is a written form of beating around the bush. Like any search, it may or may not get anywhere. At least, by testing some possibilities, it may indicate where some dead ends lie.

I publish these essays in this spirit as part of the public archive associated with a new vision of God which sees the Universe as divine.

essay 1. A short literary composition on a particular subject. 2. an effort to perform or accomplish something; an attempt. 3. a tentative effort. 4. to try; attempt. 5. to put to the test; to make trial of. [Middle French (1400-1600) essai from Late Latin (300-700) exagium a weighing. See assay] back

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